सोमवार, 10 अक्तूबर 2016

Meet my #RoofGarden #wastemanagement

Plant Family feeding Sunlight together and sharing love 

My Dad ,  who served his life as a defense personal in the Army Medical Corps , was basically a farmer by nature as he indeed belongs to a farmer family of a farthest village in Bihar .

From My early Childhood what exactly I remembered is that my father whenever and wherever during his various postings get the chance of cultivation , gardening he never let go the chance . I dreamily remember the kitchen garden or say the garden developed all around the home , in the fence behind our house , the space just in front of our main door , every corner every piece of land was used how and so .

plantation of Cabbage and Potato in village

आंगन of a village ...

As he was basically a eatable product cultivator , so all the veggies used in the kitchen of Bihar almost was grown up by Pa :) . Potato , Onion , Ginger , Garlic, Mint, tomato, Brinjal , Lady Finger , Many types of Beans and beside this Regular plant of Tulsi and Genda , Roses , Champa , Chameli and many more ...in Toto , the whole soil was fertile and beautifully used , for which they are indeed made by the Almighty Nature .

गैंदे का सुन्दर फूल

Any way , this flash back narrated only just to give a clue to my friends that I am inherited an environmentalist or say plant lover . Since Childhood I have planted and grown more than 500 Plants and Trees , Many of them are now big Mango and Sheesam Trees .

मेरे हाथों  लगे आम के पौधे अब बन चुके हैं फलदार वृक्ष
The Mango Plants ..now grown up as fruited Tress

As many of my friends migrated finally in the Metro ,compelled to be a resident of flat , incidentally and luckily the top floor . What else a mud-bird like me need more than sky and sunlight to fly and grow .......to develop my terrace and Roof top with plenty of green fellows and the story goes on . ...Flowers and Lemons , Guava and Mint also , Tulsa and ..........

But Listen , here not the story ends , Last week , Me with my Son Collected all Used and Waste Bottles , Boxes , etc , and see yourself What we tried and What we get was just Wonderful although not hundred percent perfect . But is this not a very good start ....."नन्हें फ़रिश्ते " As we named them .....

And Now I am seriously planning to create a "sky Garden" and with solar panels and beautiful green Cabin .......Love Nature ...Care for them ..as they are caring for ever and ever ever .......

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